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Surface Medic - Smart Fix Repairs Franchise

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Surface Medic - The Perfect Start to the Pefect Finish

One of the UK’s leading surface repair franchises

Surface Medic is a team of expert repair specialists who can restore almost any internal or external hard surface…..why replace when you can restore!

Surface Medic Franchise

About us

Surface Medic is a team of professional repair specialists who can repair almost any internal or external surface. We use ultra-modern invisible repair techniques using highly advanced compounds, polymers and fillers which we then paint to perfectly match the surrounding area, even if that area is stone, glass, grained or shaded, inside or out.

Our repairs are permanent and invisible and in most cases completed within a few hours. Surface repair was almost unheard of 5 years ago, but now at a time when businesses and homeowners are under increasing pressure to reduce costs, the demand for the cost efficient repair and re-surfacing solution is inevitably growing.

Surface Repairs The wow factor is an everyday experience for our franchisees, customers are genuinely astonished at what we can do for them. We use ultra-modern invisible repair techniques using highly advanced products on literally any kind of surface from floor to ceiling and everything in between, such as:

  • Outside repairs
  • Kitchen repairs
  • Bathroom repairs
  • Wooden floors and doors
  • Glass
  • UPVC... and much more!

Reducing costs is a key factor for many businesses and homeowners, and as such, the demand for cost-effective repairs is high. Surface Medic’s brilliant products and techniques literally make damage disappear, usually within a few hours and always cheaper than a replacement. Furthermore the repairs you’ll do are a permanent fix and not a cosmetic touch up, and your customers experience minimal disruption and genuinely appreciate what you do for them!

A Booming Market Place!

Surface Medic is part of the Service Solutions Group who already manage over £50 Million worth of insurance claims each year! We are experiencing unprecedented demand from insurance companies who prefer to settle insurance claims by repairing rather than replacing damaged areas.

Outside of the insurance industry our business is thriving by providing on site repairs within many industries. The techniques and materials we use are easily taught and potential customers are endless! Unlike other saturated markets, Surface Medic sits within a booming untapped market place. You will find our customers sit in a variety of different sectors:

  • Insurance
  • Hotel & Leisure
  • Residential Property
  • Construction
  • Facilities Management
  • Caravan & Mobile Homes
  • Government & Councils
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Food Outlets
  • Healthcare
  • Estate Agents…..and many more!

A Booming Market Place!

The Franchise Package

This is an ultra-low overhead business, working from home in your local area, you’ll be able to enjoy better work life balance. All the leads that come through Service Solutions Head Office will be automatically passed on to you. You will also own your own exclusive territory.

This is an extraordinary income opportunity, with realistic take home earnings of over £50,000 in just the first year, you can then look forward to a potential six figure income in future years. The business can also be developed into multi-van, the opportunities are huge! Every franchise partner can look forward to a significant return on the investment of only £25,500. Some of what’s included in the package is:

  • A Full Five Year Franchise Agreement
  • Detailed Operational Manual
  • Professional training programme
  • Accommodation whilst on training in luxury hotel
  • Launch Establishment Action Plan
  • Windows Laptop
  • Stylish Vehicle Livery
  • Sales Support
  • Colour Matching Software
  • Staionary
  • Marketing Pack
  • Industry accreditations
  • 12 piece repair kit and equipment
  • Branded clothing
  • Call Handling Team and franchisee buddy

Training & Support

Industry leading trainingHere at Surface Medic we have extensive resources and manpower to train and support you in your business. You do not need experience in surface repair to become a successful franchisee, however restoring and repairing is an art form and we need to satisfy our clients to the highest standard, therefore our franchisees undergo extensive industry leading training which is delivered by our highly experienced experts within a top class training centre. This is a PROVEN model... If you can copy, you can succeed...

Before & After

What our Franchisees have to say...

After spending the last fifteen years travelling around the world as a geological engineer with most of his time being spent away from his family, friends and country, Paul Dorning decided he wanted to take back control over his work/life balance and spend more time with his family. It was time for a change!

We asked Paul about his experiences on finding the right franchise:

Paul "I looked at franchising as my most likely path to success, I knew I was willing to work hard but I also wanted to be at home with my family in the evenings and weekends giving me the relationship with my family that I was looking for."

What was the training like?

"Fantastic! I really loved it, The training centre was really professional and the trainer was brilliant, a top bloke! I didn’t really find any aspect of it difficult but if I had to pick one thing it would be colour matching which sometimes I get right straight away and other times it takes me a little longer but I think that’s just a matter of more practice and experience which will come."

What’s next?

Our head office Due to a growing demand for Surface Medic, we are seeking candidates looking for an extraordinary income opportunity to join us. Our customers come in from all parts of the country via many different channels and market sectors, all that remains for us is to get the right people on board.

Just fill out the short contact form and we will send you more information to help with your research. If you like what you see, why not come along and meet our friendly team at Surface Medic Head Office, we offer discovery sessions every Tuesday and Thursday where you can have the opportunity to see the business working for yourself, speak to our franchisees and even see repair examples for yourself.



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